As certified painters and paperhangers, for 20 years we have been specialists in surface treatments that make a statement and set a tone – exactly to your liking. We are trained professionals and painters by passion, driven by our pride in our work. We work thoroughly, flexibly and efficiently.
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Every year, our team takes on new apprentices. Our painters and foremen share their experiences and ensure a methodical apprenticeship. All our employees are engaged, carry out their traditional craft, and learn and implement new working techniques.

– Remodelling/Renovations

– New Buildings

– Facade Restorations

– Historic Buildings

– Paint Shop


– Ornamental Painting

– Colour Design

– Wallpapering

– Architectural Art

– Renovation Plans / Consultations


The environment and sustainability are important to us. With mineral and oil paints, as well as loam rendering and lime plaster, we are not only able to achieve an outstanding indoor atmosphere but also to create fantastic accents.


We embrace the trends towards unique, colourful, wallpapered or textured surfaces. Our painters will consult, develop and design impressive rooms and facades together with you.